Modern classical

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Crucial elements of my modern classical design are inherited from instruments of Hermann Hauser I., 1882 - 1952. Besides employing own back bracing patterns, from period instruments of old masters the decorative back and sides veneering is taken over, which offers an alternative to more recent approach of solid construction.


All my inspiration to build period guitar replicas comes from work of the french luthier François René LaCôte, cca 1785 - 1868. The most essential element adopted is definitely the top bracing pattern and construction of back and sides, which always consists of the inner reinforced spruce layer and outer decorative veneer.


Unmaintained authentic instruments do have besides their historical also a musical value, after which my restoration work searches. Although it resembles only a slight extent of my work, it is undoubtedly the most delicate one. Within the scope of restoring a guitar, not once an anonymous, it is usually necessary to perform destructive actions without causing any additional damage. For instance opening the guitar's body, eventually other parts, or removing consequences of unprofessional repairs.


Currently available.

Electric guitars concerned me since my teenage times. My first custom built guitars employed humbucker pickups. Desings using piezoelectric pickups were natural manifestation of classical lutherie influences, and can be seen as transition of my main interest to classical modern and period guitars.