I'm very satisfied so far, tried it a bit today. Exactly the sound I've been looking for and it's so beautiful to look at. It probably takes some time to get used to the tuning pegs as I think it's a little tricky to tune so far but I will get a hand on that to in time. And the case is great! You have done a great job on both guitar and case. Thank you so very much.


2 more days with the guitar and I love it, it's a delight to play some Carcassi, Sor and that kind of music. And the friction pegs, well I do think they are better than ordinary pegs now haha! Sure they can slip sometimes but I do think it's faster to tune than I'm used to.
Can't wait to get home from work.


Patrik Forsberg, Falun - Sweden


Dear Martin,

here is some more "musicians" feed back

The action is very comfortable in all positions and in the higher positions there is no fret buzz.
The frets themselves are extremely well finished and glissandi and slurs cause no discomfort to my fingers or unpleasant noises from the strings. The fret place is excellent and the harmonics are true and easily played. There is no (as far as I can hear) deviation in the scale when I play with Kevin on the harp or a friend with her oboe.

The tone is clear and carrying, even in the lower registers. When playing forte or piano the tone is equally balanced and the musical line comes through clearly with no distortion.
These notes come from me as I get used to playing without nails and I must say that I am truly surprised by the subtle expressiveness possible without them. But I also feel that it is the instrument as when I played the same pieces on my modern classical guitar without nails I find much of the subtlety is missing (of course this is probably due to it being a mass produced, even thou expensive, instrument)

Well, I do hope that this helps and please do quote me to any future enquirers.

Many thanks again and best wishes,

Peter MacPhail mailing me his impressions several days after he received the instrument, London - England


As I received this beautiful instrument as a gift back in the year 2012, I would hereby like to thank Martin Okenica for such a contribution, which allowed me to dedicate myself to its repertoire like no other instrument probably would.

Marek Cupák in his diploma thesis on works of Francesco Molino, Bratislava - Slovakia / Vienna - Austria


The guitar is made by Martin Okenica http://okenicaguitars.com/
I have a similar one which I am very happy with.

Terry Sanderson on classicalguitardelcamp.com, Denmark